Our knowledge of baking comes from our dad, Antonino, (a professional Italian baker) and our mom, Anita, (a darn good Italian cook). They handed down recipes to us that have been tried and true for generations.

In 1947, Tony and Anita opened Peronti Pastry Shop on Chicago Ave. Following in their foot steps, and inspired by their love for baking, we now have three generations of family members working at My Decadent Sweet Tooth. We are still a family-owned company, and we continue to maintain those values that Tony and Anita held so dear: make great tasting baked goods for people to enjoy and always use high quality ingredients.

We never use preservatives or additives. We bake our cookies fresh, so we ask for 7 days advanced notice to complete your custom order. We suggest that all of our cookies are best eaten within a week of delivery. They do freeze well.

And don’t forget...we continue to grow! Please visit us again for new cookie varieties and other products.


For Inquiries, Please use the “Contact us form” or call: 847-440-7618