Our knowledge of baking comes from our dad, Antonino, (a professional Italian baker) and our mom, Anita, (a darn good Italian cook). They handed down recipes to us that have been tried and true for generations.

In 2011, we were asked by a master Chinese herbalist to develop cookies that incorporate his herbal formulas. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these herbs may promote an overall feeling of wellbeing. Some have specific functions, such as immune system support* or blood sugar balance.*

We modified our parents’ recipes to include herbal formulas, and the result is our “herbalicious” cookies. We created a unique baking company from the premise that if you’re going to eat a cookie, it may as well be a healthy one.*

Our Chocolate Almond cookie contains a proprietary formula of Job’s Tear Seed, Soybean Powder and Xylitol, which according to TCM is known to support the immune system.*

Our Wholesome Walnut contains a proprietary formula of Squash Fruit, Buckwheat, Soybean Powder and Xylitol, which, according to TCM, is beneficial for maintaining healthy blood sugar.*

These cookies were made with love…not sugar.®

In addition to the herbal cookies, we feature a non-herbal Whole Earth Chip n’ Nut cookie that is baked using 90% organic ingredients. You can also order our Wholesome Walnut and Chocolate Almond cookies without herbs, made with organic ingredients.

We never use preservatives or additives. We bake our cookies fresh in small batches, so we ask for 7 days advanced notice to complete your custom order. Although we know from experience that the herbal cookies will keep for some time even at room temperature, we suggest that all of our cookies are best eaten within a week of delivery. They do freeze well.

And don’t forget...we continue to grow! Please visit us again for new cookie varieties and other products.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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